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First Round (Must be played by end of November)

1-1        St Ignatius College v BYE
1-2        Ashmole Academy v BYE
1-3        Fortismere School 2-6 Highgate Wood School 
1-4        Enfield Grammar School 4-5 St Thomas More
1-5        John Lyon v BYE
1-6        Preston Manor 0-7 Finchley Catholic High School
1-7        Uxbridge College 14-0 Alec Reed Academy         
1-8        Greig City Academy A-W Christ's College Finchley (Christ's College Finchley awarded the game)

Quarter Final (Must be played by the end of January)

2-1        St Thomas More 6-2 Highgate Wood School
2-2        Christ's College Finchley 5-3 John Lyon
2-3        Uxbridge College W-A St Ignatius College (Uxbridge College awarded the game)
2-4        Finchley Catholic High School W-A Ashmole Academy (Finchley Catholic awarded the game)

Semi-Final (Must be played by the end of February)

3-1        Christ's College Finchley 4-5 St Thomas More
3-2        Finchley Catholic High School L-W Uxbridge College


4-1        St Thomas More 1-3 Uxbridge College